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Rocker box leak on 2008 thunderbolt

Started by Hybredhog, November 01, 2016, 02:00:37 PM

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    A customer brought in this bike & after taking off the air box, Am I in for an extended amount of swearing, and have to drop the engine? is there an alternative? Other wise the customer isn't flush enough for this adventure. 
'01 FXDXT, '99 FXDL/XRD, '76 FLH


how bad it leak?
without checking manual I thinking rotate motor to do bout anything.
mine hasn't been "down" yet so no tricks from here.
\if need be let me know and I will pull up manual and check..


my 03 manual says rotate for anything.
a google site showed a guy doing it  on a later year and he also rotated.
my bet is  well,
no fact on 08 but looking bad


I know its cheating. have done it to personal bikes.
would not do it to customer unless I knew him and told him exactly what I was band aiding.
if barely seeps in a  area. just seal area from outside. use something undoable for when rocker does need to dome off.


  I zipped it up & sent him on his way until he's ready to bite the bullet. Its making more of a mess than anything, but it is a pretty nice bike, and it's to bad that Eric couldn't plan for some simple foreseeable repairs.
'01 FXDXT, '99 FXDL/XRD, '76 FLH