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Show Your Panhead

Started by CraigArizona85248, November 01, 2008, 12:02:28 PM

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I have a friend, unfortunately passed a few years ago, that rode a '61 Pan with a mousetrap almost daily for 30 years or more. He finally broke down and bought a used RoadKing in very nice shape. I think I saw him ride it half a dozen times, otherwise it was always the Pan. Luckily he had another very good friend who was a talented wrench with the old Pans and Shovels, kept it on the road for him. It was no big deal for him to pull a tire and patch it while out and about. Of course, none of those guys believed in spending any real money on things like tires as long as they were mostly still round, so flats and repairs were pretty common on the road.
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Here's another pic alongside my buddy's sweet '52..

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Hoss, I hear you re riding and owning the old bikes, Pan/Shovels etc. To own one means becoming your own expert, putting in the time, energy and effort to sort them out. Not a bike for the faint hearted, that's for sure.
My bike is not particularly original so I'm OK with doing a few mods. Gas price is the equivalent of US$6.48 /US gallon so the SU carb was a no brainer.

It's a rider and it gets ridden and licensed year round.

It has a mousetrap and I love it. One you get your head around how to fettle them, they are so good. Wish the Shovel had one...


My pan back around 1990.


3 of us had/has blue pans.
2 went on to good homes, one is still here!You cannot see attachments on this board.You cannot see attachments on this board.



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Work in progress

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That Work in Progress looks Pretty Good from where I'm sitting.
Nice Job!



I like that magneto


echd215, very nice. S&S heads?
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Sure looks nice. What heads S&S ?