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General / Re: Welcome Burns Stainless
Last post by No Cents - Today at 05:36:46 AM
  I'm glad to see Burns Stainless (Vince) become a site vendor.   :up:
Hands down the best performance 2n1 pipe for a HD.
General / Re: Am I overfilling tranny?
Last post by Breeze - Today at 04:25:39 AM
Harley owners & everything oil related. :emoGroan:
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PV vs TTS
Last post by 98fxstc - Today at 01:24:32 AM
Don't have an m8 so I have never looked at traction control.
So a bike with traction control has to go to a pro ?
General / Re: Welcome Burns Stainless
Last post by kd - Yesterday at 09:21:10 PM
Vince (Vincer 77) an engineer at the time for Burns, has been a member here since 2013.  He hasn't posted much but did get in on a few discussions.

I had the pleasure of having a prearranged meeting with Vince at SEMA in Las Vegas around then.  We found a quiet place to talk and discussed the lack of a premium and lighter stainless exhaust for the Harley hot rods.  He listened and we discussed.  We then went down to the floor where a well known tuner and a pervious engineer (and member here) with a top name header company was set up.  I introduced them and he agreed to produce a proto type and take it to visit them and confirm best O2 sensor positions for the pipe etc..  That was the first pipe (that I am aware of) that was produced and became the NhB big twin decker pipe.  He made it in a version with 6" longer primary head pipes at my request and passed it on to me at an undisclosable price.   That pipe is today on my RGU and can be seen in the "Show your Twin Cam" thread in the Twin Cam section.  My Dyno sheet has a comparison to another top brand 2/1 pipe and clearly helped me get very close to 150 square out of a daily driver 120 street RGU.

When you look over top competitors at the track you will be struck by the high percentage of fast bikes are using the NhB pipe.  If you get to see one in person you will be highly impressed by the high quality welding. assembly and fit.

Vince eventually took the reigns at Burns Stainless and pushed to maintain the high standards in their production and sales.  Kudos to Vince and Burns Stainless for being a stickler for quality and for his Burns (Vince in Shorts) articles on exhaust tricks and secrets.  Also for raising the bar on Harley performance exhaust.  I for one am glad to see him and Burns Stainless here as a Supporting Vendor.

Welcome back as "Burns Stainless" Vince.  If you end up with a booth at SEMA this year I'll stop by.
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PV vs TTS
Last post by lonewolf - Yesterday at 08:38:33 PM
Traction control might be tough on the street.
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AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PV vs TTS
Last post by 98fxstc - Yesterday at 06:11:01 PM
Quote from: Hilly13 on Yesterday at 03:45:30 PMStick with what ya know Pauly 👍

Agree 100%
Got no idea about tuning traction control but if you have a bit of experience with TTS you can road tune and that will be sufficient until you can get to a pro tuner to finish the job.
Plan ahead for a road trip and work in a visit to a pro tuner.
General / Re: 2020 rear axle in 2011 Tou...
Last post by PBSTN - Yesterday at 05:41:33 PM
Quote from: Ohio HD on September 27, 2023, 10:11:16 AMGood to hear that it solved a problem that you've had with the early OEM axle.
Ya. Definitely an upgrade. And today I get to install it again. Flat tire. Found a screw in it.
General / Re: 2005 FLHRCI running rough
Last post by RoadKingKohn - Yesterday at 04:21:29 PM
Had a chance for a short run today.

Engine was running smoother after readjusting the primary chain tensioner.  I am going to try for a longer ride on Monday.

Acceleration seemed a little rough but cruising at 25, 35 and 45mph were all pretty smooth.
General / Re: Am I overfilling tranny?
Last post by boooby1744 - Yesterday at 04:15:45 PM
2012 RK,yes,I'm bored today. I don't check between changes, but I lost a little changing my clutch cable. Thanks.
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PV vs TTS
Last post by Hilly13 - Yesterday at 03:45:30 PM
Stick with what ya know Pauly 👍
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