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General / Re: 07 duece no spark
Last post by FSG - Today at 02:53:58 PM
Quote from: tc1550 on Today at 05:44:11 AMdid add acrs with oem harness wired in correctly i believe

after doing kd's check I'd bee disconnecting the ACRs
General / Re: 2019 stock Limited 114 spa...
Last post by hattitude - Today at 09:05:40 AM
Quote from: r0de_runr on February 27, 2024, 04:11:47 PMI have the service sheets from the previous owner of my Limited. The dealer replaced all 4 plugs at the 1k, 5k,10k and 15k services.

Book says 30k miles or 2 years.

With modern fuel, reasonable stock compression, and normal riding (no racing or lugging) won't the plugs last a long time?

My 2013 F150 5.0 went 115,000 miles on its original plugs.

Is the worry here wear of the sparking parts? Or welding of the plug into the head by carbon and corrosion?

Or is it a way for the dealership to earn more service revenue.

I plan on doing this myself, but wanted to go the full 30k or even push it to 40k (from the last one the dealer did).

<<<☆)))  Greg
Rftw.us come ride with us.

One thing to watch is what each dealership actually does at the required/recommended service intervals....

They will often have it posted, if not, ask in writing what their "(insert mileage here) mile service" includes... 

You will frequently find things in the dealership's version of a (insert mileage here) mile service that are not called for in the MoCo's version of the (insert mileage here) mile service.

When asked, they will often justify it by saying something like, "We believe it is prudent to do it sooner than called for."  Many years ago, when I had to rely on dealer service, I have even gotten the explanation, "Most people ask for that, so we added it to our service plan."

An example, recent owner's manuals called for oil/filter changes @ 5K miles, primary oil change @ 10K miles, and trans oil change @ 20K miles. Yet, many dealerships will change all three @ 5K miles. Personally I do that as that was the standard in manuals back around 2003ish, and it's cheap insurance in my mind. (the reasons it changed are suspect, and not because it's better for the bike, IMHO.)

My point is, many dealerships perform maintenance not recommended by the MoCo @ various different mileage service intervals.

In the past, I would point out where they changed from the MoCo's recommendation, and direct them NOT to perform their dealership added extras...

Specifically to plugs, how long they last is also dependent on what plugs are used...

IIRC, Copper plugs are 30K miles, but Platinum or Iridium plugs can last 100,000 miles plus...

In my Twin Cams the plugs are easy to change, like a 5 minute job. So I use copper plus plugs @ $5.00each, and change them at least every two years, regardless of mileage on my low mile bikes. I change them every two years on my touring bike which gets more mileage, but not 30K in two years.

Even if I had an M8, I would probably still use the copper plugs @ $5 each, and change them often... I don't see pulling the tank as a big job. It's fairly quick and easy on the newer tanks without a crossover hose.

I will use the Platinum or Iridium plugs on my Jeep Wrangler however, as you need to pull the intake manifold to remove the plugs on one side of the V6 engine. I will also go as close as possible to the 100K recommended plug change mileage interval, just due to the hassle of changing them...  I will change them early if I experience a possible plug related issue..
General / Re: 07 duece no spark
Last post by Sycho01 - Today at 09:01:39 AM
Are the valves adjusted correctly? No compression, no spark? Ion sensing ignition?
General / Re: 07 duece no spark
Last post by tc1550 - Today at 07:45:43 AM
ill check when get home
General / Re: 07 duece no spark
Last post by kd - Today at 06:11:29 AM
 Check your cranking voltage?  Did you try to give it a boost with a known good battery at full charge.  Low cranking power is a known issue that causes a no start condition, even though the engine does turn over.
Twin Cam / MOVED: 07 duece no spark
Last post by Coyote - Today at 05:46:34 AM
General / 07 duece no spark
Last post by tc1550 - Today at 05:44:11 AM
just bolted on 110 kit all plug and play did add acrs with oem harness wired in correctly i believe bike cranks no spark fuel. pump comes on all fuses good power to coil no codes  bike ran before kit install at  still any ideas .Double checked everything ?
General / Re: Cruise Control Options
Last post by Breeze - Today at 04:05:56 AM
My friend installed a c.c. by https://www.mccruise.com/en-us and is very pleased with it. He made a couple of good posts; https://harleytechtalk.com/htt/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=10957. (I know I should do the link shortcut, but I'm headed out the door and don't have time to search the hieroglyphs to find it). :slap:
General / Re: Cruise Control Options
Last post by kd - Yesterday at 07:07:03 PM
 :agree:   I did some reading on their set-up by starting with their Vendors ad and posts here on HTT. They sound like they really know their stuff and what they are doing. No nonsense. I am considering it for my 98 RKC for the same reasons.   
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