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Twin Cam / Re: High oil pressure issue
Last post by FDT - Today at 02:40:36 AM
Quote from: Geezer_Glider on September 25, 2022, 04:15:24 PMDon't know if you solved it yet but it sounds like the crankcase isn't breathing. Check the head breathers for proper operation. Oil pressure seems to be OK. Cold start I've seen 60psi and warmed at speed 30 to 35 with 50wt and healthy system.
Just a suggestion,
R Meyer
I think so, the breathers are working and motor seems to be running normal, i do need to take it for another ride just to be sure.
General / Re: EFI Starting Issues
Last post by WhipLash96 - Today at 02:39:53 AM
Quote from: Fugawee on Yesterday at 02:50:41 PMYou mention that You recently had Your Bike converted to EFI.  So, I'll assume that someone other than Yourself did the work.  Did You have to pay, or have a Buddy do it for You?  Have You talked to Him/Them about the issue?  Did they offer any suggestions, or a possible solution to Your problem?  Have they offered to look at it?
The reason I ask is that some Dealers, and Indy's...if You used one or the other, would have rather heard about the problem when it first came around then later on, and things may have gotten worse which may have an effect on Your wallet.  Good Luck!
The shop that did the work is 4.5 hours away from me. At this point I haven't reached out to him. I'm planning on doing that when I can. (My life is a mess right now). I haven't messed with it yet really. 
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Billet Tappet Cuff Kit M8
Last post by Hossamania - Yesterday at 07:52:30 PM
After having a friend break a cuff bolt and going into complete panic mode, this seems a simple solution that would relieve a lot of stress. It might relieve a little weight from your wallet as well, but if you don't have the skills or tools to remove the broken bolt, this solves the problem easily.

Ok, I just looked up the price. It will relieve a LOT of weight from your wallet. You might want to figure out how to drill out that broken bolt...
Twin Cam / Re: 2005 FLHR build plan
Last post by Adam76 - Yesterday at 07:20:47 PM
Quote from: speedzter on September 27, 2022, 08:47:08 PM
Quote from: Adam76 on September 27, 2022, 05:29:20 PMThanks speedzter, that's not a bad idea. Woods website says these are bolt in 2000 - 6000 but With an intake closing of 46* and 248/248 duration, will these be a little soft on the bottom? I'm wanting power from 2000rpm.

The TW7 is a high lift TW6    Int Close 40  240/240 duration  .575 lift .
I've used them in a 103 with stock beehives.
Nice strong torque builder .

edit- looks like he only make them as a roller conversion cam .


I really like the specs of the TW-7H so I might do the conversion kit.... but since I'm running stock 103" herads I'm not sure I'll gain anything from the extra lift of the 7H.... So might just stick with the TW-6 / Andrews TW-57.

General / Re: 2020 RG exhaust question
Last post by kd - Yesterday at 06:24:57 PM
Quote from: Alienball on Yesterday at 05:23:06 PMNot the baffles sir, the catalytic converter


It's the touring Screamin Eagle High Flow Exhaust System that has the clean header and cat mufflers.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Billet Tappet Cuff Kit M8
Last post by Ohio HD - Yesterday at 06:09:45 PM
I think the preferred upgrade if you want better than stock is to use the S&S Cuffs. Considerably less expensive. The OF Performance kit is when you break a cuff bolt and can't remove the broken bolt. Or don't wish to try to remove it.

S&S 330-0655

General / Re: 2020 RG exhaust question
Last post by Ohio HD - Yesterday at 05:35:13 PM
Rigidthumber has some dyno sheets in the Dyno Section showing that the factory header pipe and catalytic don't reduce the flow all that much.

He may see this post and weigh in as he has first hand experience testing on the dyno.
General / Re: 2020 RG exhaust question
Last post by Alienball - Yesterday at 05:23:06 PM
Not the baffles sir, the catalytic converter
General / Re: 2020 RG exhaust question
Last post by kd - Yesterday at 05:09:46 PM
Cats are in the mufflers.  Change the mufflers and no more cats.  The earlier TC was in the header.
General / Re: 2019 FLHR electrical issue
Last post by Blade Guy - Yesterday at 05:07:37 PM
Just wanted to tell you how this ended. As I said in my original post my maxifuse was starting to melt back in June. The problem I was experiencing was from the fuse holder (that was partially melted) causing an intermittent shorting out. Fuse holder replaced-all good. Battery checks out fine as does the voltage regulator. I read in another forum that the 17-19 models had issues with the contacts not being tight enough and causing the problem I had. I believe Dan89FLSTC hit it on the nose. Thx for the replies.
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