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Twin Cam / Re: Engine problems after 95" ...
Last post by Adam76 - Today at 09:13:29 PM
Pulling the bottom end again, take 2...

My mechanic felt sorry for me, he had an early TC 88B crank that he was planning to sell, but he's giving it to me no charge. He has thoroughly checked it.  Rod are straight and runout is .0015

Praying it all goes together well this time.

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General / Re: Converting older Dyna to d...
Last post by 04 SE Deuce - Today at 09:05:29 PM
Jim, I'd guess the caliper pistons probably need cleaning to get a good/tall/hard lever as the bike has sat.

As suggested, I would try some Lyndall X-treme or the real HH EBC pads and next move to a big rotor kit if needed.
General / Re: Ohlins: Remote reservoir ...
Last post by 04 SE Deuce - Today at 09:00:21 PM
Touring models are short on travel...the 14mm that the separating piston reduces travel can be a benefit...given (like has been said already) everything is right or comparing same-same otherwise. 
Not familiar with the SE Ohlins but the Ohlins suspension that comes OE on some Triumph models is lower grade stuff compared to same item after-marketed by Ohlins.
Twin Cam / Re: Setting compression after ...
Last post by PoorUB - Today at 08:17:57 PM
Also, if you cut a piece of plexy to make a cover for the cylinder head, drill the hole way off center and prop the head up at a slight angle with the hole up at the top edge of the chamber. A bit of grease to seal the plexy and fill'er up! any air can escape the hole. Other wise you end up fighting air bubbles.
Twin Cam / Re: 124" Project Storm Breaker
Last post by Ohio HD - Today at 08:05:20 PM
I updated the parts list in the first post. It should be accurate and complete now.

You can buy an S&S 124 for much, much less than I have invested. The exhaust, throttle body air breather, Power Vision, etc. doesn't come with the S&S motor of course. But it still costs a lot more to build completely new.

This thing better run.
Twin Cam / Re: Requesting experienced eye...
Last post by Coff 06 - Today at 05:14:23 PM
Don has helped me through 2 builds.Very knowledgeable is an understatement.Seems to always make you feel like your his only customer at the time,never hurried,polite and explains things in a way you can understand.Good people.        Coff 06
Twin Cam / Re: Evo industries clutch hub
Last post by Coff 06 - Today at 05:06:36 PM
Last of my clutch parts came in today.Thanks again Phil.
Went with the Barnett which came with the Evo Industries
clutch basket.       Coff 06

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Twin Cam / Re: Intake Port Width for Twin...
Last post by Ohio HD - Today at 04:47:12 PM
Thank you, I appreciate the time taken to measure and post the info.
Twin Cam / Re: Requesting experienced eye...
Last post by hattitude - Today at 04:42:37 PM
I had a long talk with Don (HD Street Performance) this morning. He was very generous with his time and his knowledge.

Much was discussed..... I took up way too much of his time.. but I learned a bunch...

Don guided me through an inspection of the front piston. wfolarry was correct. It was just the lighting in the picture that made the rings look upside down.  At least the rings weren't installed wrong...  :up:

Don asked many questions about the timeline and progression of events in my quest to stop the ticking. He also asked specific questions about the ticking noise. 

After our discussion, he believes (as did wfolarry) that a valve job will probably clear up the ticking noise... Don also explained how using seafoam could have loosened carbon particles that caused the few scratches I can feel amongst the "normal wear marks" on the cylinder walls...

I was given homework, well, more like a few things to check while I'm this deep into the engine. 

Bottom line, I'm going to send off my heads, and cylinders to Don. Unless some of the checks I was given to perform, or Don's inspection of parts shows something outside what was discussed, it looks like I'll be good with a valve job, cylinder bore & hone, and new pistons/rings.

I have a feeling this will put my engine in "good as new" condition and I won't have to take it apart again in the near future...

I'll report back when all is done, the engine is reassembled, I've had a chance to break it in, and test run it...

I appreciate all the comments and assistance...
General / Re: Pan head style rocker cove...
Last post by Coff 06 - Today at 04:36:26 PM
Last couple of pics,then I'll put this to rest.     Coff 06

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