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Grudge Box ratio issues
« on: February 26, 2019, 08:15:12 PM »
Good evening to you fellas...

I have a 16 road glide with SS124 and grudge box.  Bike has power vision.  Bike ran perfectly.  Rode from Louisoanna to Los Angeles and back.  One evening on small ride around town, hot bump in road and lost my cruise. 

This is where it all starts.  Rode to Sturgis and my 4th and 5th gear indicator wasnt working, speedo was non operable, and obviously cruise wasnt working.

Replaced VSS (twice), speedo, tach, neutral switch, several other possible causes, no luck.  We did find a loose ground that fixed the speedo. 

After much more troubleshooting, discovered that ECM lost read ratios.  Reinstalled rations but bike still not showing gears.  At operating temp, 1st gear normal, 2nd gear intermittent, 3rd gear not showing, 4th not showing, 5th displayed 6th, and 6th not functioning.

Baker is pointing fingers at tune, tune is pointing fingers at Baker.  Do any of you have any clues to why the ECM is kicking ratios?