Harmon Kardon Gasket Orientation

Started by scootertrash1, February 19, 2021, 07:52:45 AM

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What is the proper gasket orientation for the stock Harmon-Kardon head unit for a 2010 Ultra? Ribs facing forward or rearward? Looks like at one point the gasket was glues on? Every time I slide the unit in, the gasket bunches up around the mounting bracket. I have loosened the fairing upright enough where I may be able to gain a little clearance sliding the stock radio back in.


I actually installed the ribbed portion of the gasket closest to the opening for the face of the radio (facing rearward of the motorcycle). I pushed the radio far enough in where the face was past the mounting bracket. Using orange wood sticks, I was able to install the gasket on radio, pushing further back on the unit as I pushed the radio home. Worked pretty well and should have a functioning water seal! Seems it always rains when I take a scooter trip......


Ribs to the front of the radio. That's what is suppose to stop the water. I use a little spray adhesive to tack the gasket back to the radio.