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Is this set up ok or do I need a better amp?

Started by Timber0472, February 22, 2020, 03:14:42 PM

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Hey guys Ive asked a few questions before but I have finally gotten everything installed and am trying to figure out the tuning of the HU. I have the Alpine ine- W967-HD unit. The radio has a built in eq/dsp that is supposedly really accurate. I am not sure as to what my settings should be. I listen to everything. The system is very loud as is but seems to be lacking in bass (even while parked). I have a tourpak that I use occasionally so Im not too concerned about that and the amp for that is toggled on/off. So my setup is as so: 2 Hertz SV 6.5 in the front with 2 hertz MP 23 tweets followed by 2 Rockford 6x9s in the saddlebags. All powered by Biketronics BT4180 4 channel amp 2ohm stable.

Am I over powering the amp? The rear seems a little lacking in sound. Hope it's just my tuning.
Second, are the 6x9s a good match for this set up?  I got them with the kit (which is F%$#ing Fantastic if your thinking about using it to cut your bags). I travel and I wanted lighter 6x9s to avoid problems with the lids as well as heat issues and space in bags. Better speaker ideas that fit that bill...?
Lastly, HOW do you set the tuner up?
I have channel 1 hpf set up for 50hz with a 12db slope and channel 2 lpf the same. Alpine has a dsp built in with 9 band eq. Unfortunately that means nothing to me.  It is pretty loud but I dont know what the hell I'm doing.
Perhaps I should take it to a stereo shop and have them tune it...Any thoughts?