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Anyone running an Aquatic without an amp?

Started by fxstdavew, March 24, 2020, 07:55:16 AM

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What sound quality compared to stock can I expect? I am going to use Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5" Coaxial Speakers. Yes I know adding an Amp improves the sound quality alot. 
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I can't really tell you what to expect.  When I put in the 6.5 Kappa 2ohm speakers with a stock head unit the sound definitely improved to where I could listen to the radio at speed.  Then I installed an Alpine head unit with matching amp and wow what an improvement.


I had the Aquatic on my 08 Ultra and it is so much better than stock. The only down side is you will lose your CB. I never used the Cb so no loss for me.
You will not be sorry you switched. The added bluetooth capability and Ipod charging are so much nicer than stock.