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iPhone mount for road glide

Started by geebee, June 13, 2020, 03:29:12 PM

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Have a 2010 cvo road glide . It has the gps On a bracket on the left handle. I have removed the Garmin gps and would like to mount a iPhone on that bravery!
Does anyone know of a phone mount that mounts to the Harley gps mount?
Thanks for everyone's thoughts! Gary


Good question even though I don't know what a bravery is. I have a 2011.5 CVO Ultra and probably could use the same thing. Law Abiding Biker sells some stuff but I've never really looked for it. I'm sure they just resell what is already on the market. Have a 2015 Road Glide Special that I need to fit up as well. Almost bought a mount during Sturgis last year but it was all aluminum and I was concerned about vibration tearing my phone apart. Bookmarking this.
Photons by the bag. Gravitons not  shipped outside the US.


a couple of my buds use the ciero mount from law abiding biker and they work great
Moose aka Glenn-


ram makes lots of cradles for phones and gps. i used a ram cradle on a kuyekyn clutch perch mount for a gps on my eglide.


 I settled on this one.  Installed on right side.  Have GPS installed with same RAM mount. 



kuryyakyn perch mount comes in chrome or black . the plate fits lots of patterns. it wasa clean mount and the plate can be disconnected from the stem perch with a coin.