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2014 FLSTN charge port

Started by thumpr54, June 21, 2020, 09:22:32 PM

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my friend has a 2014 Softtail and wants to hook up a cigarette lighter plug so he can charge his phone. I've looked here and at Ronnies partsfinder for a wiring diagram. He wants to hook it directly to the battery but it'd be better I think to hook it to the accy ckt....should be fused and not hot all the time like hooking to the battery. I did find a 2015 wiring diagram which should be the same, I'm thinking.....looks like the accy ckt is the red with yellow tracer wire. I'm not real familiar with his softtail, Where's a good place to tie in to the accy ckt ?   Thanx, Talk
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There is wiring for a "position lamp" (HD International thing) in or near the headlight bucket- 2 wire connector, orange/white is the hot lead, black is the ground. Is active in acc or ign.
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