Accessory power in head light cowl of 2020 Road King

Started by ssls6, May 03, 2021, 01:40:43 AM

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I'm looking for switched power for a GPS in my headlight cowl. My service manual wiring diagram shows a small 2 wire connector with white/black listed as "heated grip plug". This is in the front control wiring diagram. I have found a connector that looks like the diagram and here is a picture...

Road King Accessory plug?

Can anyone confirm this plug is suitable for a GPS? Canbus scares me a bit so I'm asking.

A bit of internet searching shows the plug I need to adapt to this is 73152-96BK. Can anyone confirm that?

Appreciative as always for any help.


The white & black wires are designed to connect the left heated grip to the right heated grip. Doubt if the connector is hot without a heat controller (part of the left heated grip). The power supply for heated grips is Violet/Blue wire, and ground would be black.
You may have better luck looking at the connectors going into the headlight area- on some models, there is a capped off Red/Yellow wire taped to the headlight harness, used for a positional marker (required in some countries). This is an excellent source of switched power, and you can find/tap into any nearby ground.
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There is an accessory power connector underneath the right side cover.

Make a harness using a 3 way molex mx 150 connector (gray). You can just run the wire up through the wiring tray on the backbone, and into the nacelle.

You won`t have to tap into any wires.
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