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Pretty much stock '00 FXDX at the track .... ;-)))

Started by Shooter1, October 05, 2022, 12:39:50 PM

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Some buddies called recently and wanted to go to the test and tune night at Heatland Park Topeka. I said yeah OK why not and proceeded to rip off my saddlebags. Years ago I had raced my '89 FXR a couple times and both Buell S3t's at the track before and it was a hoot.
So I match up with the guy on I believe a Victory of some sort, 100 CI, 6 spd, FI bike. I raced him 5x and won 4 of 5 and went red on one. I think I was so successful because this was his first time racing but he picked it up pretty quick and was right on my ass on the final pass. I think my best time was a blistering 13.7 at 97 mph. Sometimes I think riding a slow bike fast is more fun that riding a fast bike slow, if you know what I mean.   :bike:  :hyst:

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yesterday at test and tune , first run of the day I line up with a stock looking 1971 350 Honda with a Wheelie bar and and a 70+ year old guy riding it , he ran consitant low 13  :up: , was way cool