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11 SG Electrical issues

Started by oldskool, September 13, 2022, 07:14:04 PM

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September 13, 2022, 07:14:04 PM Last Edit: September 13, 2022, 07:30:30 PM by oldskool
So I have some aftermarket R.L T.S And Brake lights in the rear. I've been noticing the rt side rear light has been acting funny. For awhile just the top one has been intermittent then the 2nd one on the rt started going out and then both were coming on and off then both were coming on and off quick like flashing. I had ordered 2 new ones. I wanted to ride so I pulled one from the left side and installed it on the rt just so I had a running and brake light 9n both sides. Well I made it about 15 miles or so and the bike died. Now I pulled codes P1003 system relay closed, b1126 rt turn output short to Battery, b1154 clutch switch input short to ground,b1155 neutral switch input short to battery, U1016 loss of ecm, C1095 front brake switch open. Now where to start ? The elm fuse is blown. Unfortunately I don't any fuses I'll have to get some tomorrow  and my electrical manual is at a friend's I'll grab it tomorrow. I should also mention I installed the new lights and cleaned the codes. Hopefully I can get something figured out tomorrow.  I can't complain this is the 1st time the bike has been down and I just rolled 109,000 miles. If anyone has any I put I'd appreciate it.


 :idea:  WAG, Have you recently washed the bike or ridden in the rain?  Had the battery out or moved the ECM and connector?


Nope haven't washed it and the rain has been a few weeks since Sturgis trip.Battery hasn't been out But I did unhook to install a outlet in saddlebag for phone charger so emc was moved but not unplugged . I will check battery and ecm connections. Thank you


Well battery connections are tight. Ecm plug is good. Replaced ecm fuse. I went and got my electrical manual.  Tested system relay and it's bad. Now I've got to run through the rest of codes and steps in manual.


So was able to get back on this. Ran through codes and b1126 diag  t/S circuit short to ground test is  telling me to replace hfsm.  Then on the rear turn signal test is telling me to replace the facia / converter module. And now I can't find my other service manual. What and where is this module ?


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I don't claim to be an expert, but I think that the Facia/Converter Module is there where Your Rear Lighting plugs in around/under the Rear Fender.  If for whatever reason it's not there, follow out the Wiring under the Fender up to the Battery Area. If it is an HD Part, it may have this Part #68278-07.  If You replaced with Aftermarket like You say...I don't know what that may be.
The Facia/Converter Module allows both Small Rear Lights to be utilized as Brake Lights, until a Turn Signal is placed in operation.  In simple light performs both functions.
There may also be a need for a Load Equalizer installed on the Lighting Circuit, even though some Aftermarket Manufacturers say that You don't need it.
I have proved some wrong by finding out the Hard Way.
If You still have the Stock OEM Lights, You may want to re-install the Stock Lighting, or Module, clear all the DTC's and see if the System goes back to normal without any Codes.  That should tell You something or point You in another direction.
Good Luck.


Thanks,I appreciate the info. I've been runnuning these Paul Yaffee tail lights since 2014 and have never had a problem. I just gave my stock lights to my brother this past weekend for his 11 Electra Glide. I was finally able to find the part that the diag manual is telling me to replace . Hoping this takes care of the issue.


Ok so I  replaced the hfsm on this S.G. Bike starts and stalls. im sure it has to do with the new part. anyone know how to set up this new hfsm ?

fbn ent

If you mean a tsm, it has to be married to the bike by a dealer I believe. Possibly someone wwith another software can do it...?
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I think that the above info is correct.  Either a Dealer, or an Indy with the correct Computer Diagnostic Equipment should be able to.  The Techno-Research "Centurian" should be able to do it.  You may want to ask some Indy's around You if they have that, or something similar to solve Your problem if it doesn't magically fix itself.
Of course, there is a cost involved.