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General / Re: progressive 440
« Last post by guido4198 on Today at 02:27:13 AM »
I dropped Progressive as an option that I would ever consider after I had a 412 on my 1985 FXR BREAK...actually break in two.. just above the lower bolt.
That shock was about 2 yrs old. I called Progressive to ask if they were aware of any "issues" with 412's around that time and the guy I spoke to told me if I wanted better service life I should have bought a more expensive shock to begin with.
ALLLrighty then...that response told me all I needed to know. 
Twin Cam / Re: New Top End
« Last post by Hilly13 on Today at 01:49:28 AM »
Mick it should never not turn over from heat, I'm a bit worried for you to be honest, are you near any of the regular shops on here? someone that knows their stuff needs to have a look before you spend any more money on tuning it.
Shovel Head / Re: 81 fxs with a kicker question
« Last post by Hossamania on Yesterday at 08:17:06 PM »
I hate to say it, but the kicker impresses the guys more than it impresses the girls.
Shovel Head / Re: 81 fxs with a kicker question
« Last post by One4Tone on Yesterday at 08:02:29 PM »
..I have a 1975 fx...I used to start it first kick...10 out of 10...Then about 4 years ago It started giving me headaches. I had an old Mikuny round house style that had been on the bike 30 years...put on electrionic single fire ignition..ran good once it started...but srtill tough to kickstart, put on a brand new Bendix 9original style...seemed to help but still no satisfaction. Bought a used electric start..with all the related parts..luckily I had the right clutch housing with the ring gear, bought the solenoid, jackshaft, support braket for the starter, FXE battery box and Fxe battery It feels like a brand new bike, starts really well has that perfect idle. Yes it cost me a pretty penny to get it right...but I can not be happier. I got a few late model twinkis, a buell,...but this 75  pretty well original is my favourite right I need forward controls,...does it ever end?...bottom line put on electric will never be sorry..keep the kicker for looks and if ever ya wanna impress the ladies...
General / Re: charging system diagnostics??
« Last post by CndUltra88 on Yesterday at 07:07:58 PM »
I lost the VR  a number of years ago .(02Ultra)
The volt meter on the bike showed it dropping like mad and the speedo was acing odd.
But, I did the tests as per you tube, but see it has been posted up already.
General / Re: charging system diagnostics??
« Last post by chaos901 on Yesterday at 06:42:03 PM »
Obviously start checking, but dropping that fast sounds like a dead short someplace. 

Did you get any codes? 

Asking because my friends bike got a High Voltage code and acted the same.  Turns out that code appears when you have 16 volts for more than five seconds and his was caused when the battery shorted out internally.  Something about amps converting to volts.
General / Re: charging system diagnostics??
« Last post by Scotty on Yesterday at 06:25:55 PM »
That is the starter & charging diagnostic pages from the EDM if you need them
Had my bike back to the shop for some tweaking on the tune. The bike runs great but fuel mileage was down. With the CV carb I got a consistent 38 mpg solo. Two up would show 40 to 42 at times ( I ride less spirited two up). After conversion and last winters work it was down to a low of 29, mostly 33 or 34. I tour on the bike so some tweaking was done.

I brought along my original White Bro's e-series muffler with the 17 disc's I always ran with it. I wanted to see how it compared to the Fuel Moto e-series that I had tuned along with the Jack Pot. It did well compared to the FM e-series runs but can't run with the Jack Pot. The Jack Pot is fun and is breaking in at 2000 miles. It is loud if on the throttle. The motor really likes that combo. The White Bro's muffler was run on the FM header. Dyno sheet lists it as a supertrapp, that was a typo. I think with a few disc's removed the TQ would be a bit better down low. The HP surprised me. A full tune also would be interesting with it. The 14 & 16 disc e-series runs are the Fuel Moto e-series muffler

Just a comparison if anyone is interested with a 103. My 103 TC nowadays is on the low end of the scale with the numerous 117's & 124's that are very mainstream now.

General / Re: Pants melted on pipe
« Last post by Panzer on Yesterday at 06:20:15 PM »
Thanks all. Rush says to use 91% rubbing alcohol on a warm pipe. I'll try tonight.


Don't use it all, you can drink the rest if it doesn't come off. :baby:
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