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Twin Cam / Re: Winter build
« Last post by rigidthumper on Today at 04:54:32 AM »
Would that compression be too low for an SE211? Will it work without modifying that head? With the way the op describes his riding style, I think a mid and top end cam fits the bill better than one that runs out of steam before redline. Something like a 57, the 570-2, maybe 555, rather than a 21 or 48?
95/211/SE heads @ 78 CC was the original "Hippo" build.
A 211 here would be 8.8 corrected, 182 CCP. (IME, sluggish, but good for top end- I prefer quick to fast)
General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by No Cents on Today at 04:51:27 AM »
I don't use screw on tip plugs...

General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by rigidthumper on Today at 04:31:51 AM »
I don't use screw on tip plugs...
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Cylinder leak down testing.
« Last post by No Cents on Today at 04:30:05 AM »
   check the inside bottom of your cylinders and look to see if you have a line/crack going all the way around the bottom of the cylinders spigots about an inch up from the bottom. I just seen this on both cylinders of a 124 bolt on kit that was tore down that had a Fuel Moto 124 bolt on kit on it.
Shovel Head / Re: Super E question
« Last post by Hillside Motorcycle on Today at 04:27:59 AM »
That's not necessary with a 2004 and later E or G Carb. They have a replaceable internal air bleed jet. In these standard S&S main jets were used.

I wonder why the earlier Thunderjet conversion moved the  Mikuni jets to the outside of the carb. One should think they would have done an acceptable job from the inside?

Ease of tuning and the many sizes available.
Thunderjetted B, E, G, D, carbs work VERY WELL in the hands of a good tuner. :up:
General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by Hossamania on Today at 04:15:05 AM »
I "mung" the tip a bit when I tighten them, squeezing them to deform them slightly to keep them from unscrewing. Be careful not to knick the porcelain.
I also use a wrench to hold the plug to be able to tighten the tip tightly.
General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by sfmichael on Today at 04:05:06 AM »
won't hurt anything if they're a little bit loose, they're not going to come off and the spark won't know thw difference

if it really bothers you, hold the spark plug with a wrench or socket and then tighten it with pliers - I've never had one come loose when tightened that way
General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by Breeze on Today at 03:32:49 AM »
I deform the screw on tip slightly with pliers,vise or a hammer. Only takes a tiny little dent. Better have a spare or two on hand. :SM:
General / Re: Spark plug tips
« Last post by wfolarry on Today at 03:03:48 AM »
NO on the loctite. It will act as an insulator.
General / Spark plug tips
« Last post by JDhog211 on Yesterday at 11:49:36 PM »
I have a question concerning the screw on type tips we have on
Our Harley Spark plugs.
My problem is I find when I go to check my
Plugs I find the tips loose, even though I
Tighten them with the aid of pliers.
Have you run into this also.
I was thinking of putting some red Locktite
Next time I find them loose.
Any ideas well appreciated.
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