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Milwaukee-Eight / Re: 2019 FLHR Road King Vibration
« Last post by rbabos on Today at 05:08:50 PM »
Balance Gear Out Of Time, OR Flywheels Are Scissored, Tell Your Dealer This is Unacceptable An You Want It Fixed.That's If You Still Have Your Warranty, or its on Your Dime. We Had 2 Bikes Same issue we Fixed.   {POWER TRAIN ISSUE}  Good Luck....

Can you please explain what is actually wrong with an M8 when its "balance gear out of time"?  Do any parts have to be replaced?  Is this a factory defect?
Pretty sure a counter balancer won't be right at all rpms. They weren't on my softail and even the v rod has one rpm where it's rougher there then anywhere else. Fortunately in my case it's in the low rpms and smooths with engine speed. 60* rather then 45* also makes for a bit more smoother engine.  The softail was the opposite. Higher rpms, more vibes. Both however seem best right in the cruise rpms. Crank balance factor is likely the main reason, even the cb won't be dead nuts everywhere.
Twin Cam / Re: Modified S&S 111 CI motor question
« Last post by pwmorris on Today at 04:33:46 PM »
the S&S 111 is a good motor combination and can be made to have great power with the correct components. unfortunately the dyno sheet shown here do not reflect a good combination of parts, JMO.  they are not bad numbers but there is no bottom end power. power does not start until 3500 and ends at 4,000 is not something that would be fun to ride. imo opinion there are two kinds of power. the kind where you accelerate out of the hole and down the track, then there is the kind that is lazy on the bottom and can accelerate and catch you. you can either lead or chase in a race. this bike is definitely a chase race .

I'm pretty sure the lack of bottom end power on MY dyno sheets was because the clutch was slipping. No tach on a Wide Glide, but my hearing still works, ..... when riding at 60 mph in 5th, and get hard on the throttle, I can hear the engine spin up faster than the bike, ... THEN the bike catches up. Haven't had a dyno done since I put the VPC clutch and heavier springs in, but it pulls hard now, these 585 cams do like to be up in the rpm range to make power though, not like my old SE203 or SE204 cams
Dan Vance knows what he speaks....
What you hear, think, feel, or guess don’t cut it. Post a corrected SAE dyno sheet with conditions and with the lock up VPC. The sheet is what it is. I’ve heard and seen it all, from “a stingy dyno”, to “not a good tune”, “bike was sumping”, “it was a hot day so numbers are down”, “clutch was slipping”, “not enough pulls”, and on and on.....To my all time favorites “is it in the right gear?!”, and the encore of all......”my builder says it makes much more at the flywheel!”.
Better yet, go to another shop and make a might be surprised. Walk the talk.
I’ve seen dozens of 111” sheets crate with all kinds of pipes, and never seen 120 square plus no matter what the pipe.
I can post S&S sheet from their crate 9.8 CR 111” if you doubt it. Most run 105-115 well tuned legit, and usually one side or the other. None, none pull 120-130 square. The .585 does make power but the comp just doesn’t keep up. Squeeze the pipe to bump comp? Watch the HP drop.
No free lunch.
Twin Cam / Re: Cyclerama 575
« Last post by Tail Ridr on Today at 04:18:24 PM »
This on a 110?
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PCV
« Last post by rbabos on Today at 03:41:41 PM »
You need to load the MTE file to get access to the ecm with any other flash tuner.

should have had the flash in there  :embarrassed:
sorry, was thinking powervision not power commander
No problem.
Iron Head / Re: 1974 XLCH with 6800miles
« Last post by tommy g on Today at 03:29:56 PM »
What 100 years of hands-on motorcycle experience looks like, giving my XLCH a close inspection. Generator works great, accelerator pump doesn’t work at all. Top end sounds good, no exhaust smoke...sure sounds sweet. I’ll fix the accelerator pump and install new manifold rubbers before the rookie tries to start it. An exciting project for me; heritage instead of horsepower
Wally is a smart man.
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: PCV
« Last post by 98fxstc on Today at 02:48:17 PM »
You need to load the MTE file to get access to the ecm with any other flash tuner.

should have had the flash in there  :embarrassed:
sorry, was thinking powervision not power commander
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Sumping issues solved
« Last post by Jobie on Today at 02:47:06 PM »
Just read every post from front to back.  Didn't see anything about trying a Feuling vented dipstick to relive pressure from the oil case.  I have an 18 M8 that started out with oil migration.  After 1 1/2 years of my warranty with oil studies and two try's from the dealer, oil is still just off the tranny dipstick, Harley call's it fix. [ Primary vent installed ] Never had a sumping issue until after the vented dipstick was installed.  I check my oil levels often.   I put in the vented dipstick just because, before the sumping started.  Not saying that caused it, I like venting.  Went on a fall trip to the other side of the state and on the way home the x-way was moving.  80 - 85 all the way home.  The only time I ride like that is when I have to. [ most of the time ]  Didn't feel any power loss but did notice oil almost off the engine dipstick after the ride.  Dealer picked up the bike in early Nov.  When the bike was started to put in trailer it started knocking.  Shut off and pushed bike in.  18 oz's in crank case. Bike is coming home next week with the last and greatest oil pump and seal.  When checked there wasn't any leak down to speak of and piston jets were intact.  Asked dealer what the knocking was cause from....... answer.... Don't know.  They never pulled the crank out, just the top end and cam chest.  And to think, my warranty is up in February.  Not much riding in Michigan during the winter.  I know the Feuling vented dipstick didn't cause the sumping but it didn't stop the issue ether.  Who knows, it might of been more sumping without it.  For the folks that are interested in trying the vented dipstick, I can say it is well built and design along with an easy install but don't except great things out of venting the oil case.  Didn't help with my sumping issue.  Just hope HD will address this issue after the warranty sense there is a warranty history with this bike.  Been riding Hd's for 54 years and just about ready to go see the Indian Stealer.  I'm to old to ride in circles doing oil studies for Harley.
Twin Cam / Re: Cyclerama 575
« Last post by Baja555 on Today at 02:27:26 PM »
117 hp and 130 tq
General / Re: How can I tell if this is the newer framed 09 Road King?
« Last post by Molly on Today at 12:11:47 PM »
Thanks for all the advice and information. Budget dictates that it might have to be ten or so years old. I'm down in New Zealand where prices seem to level off meaning you'll pay much the same for a late Evo as you would, say, an 03/04 TC.

Family, work, one thing or another has conspired to keep me bikeless in recent years so I'm looking forward to getting back on two wheels this summer.

Thanks again guys.
General / Re: 2004 FLHT Throwing a Code P1375
« Last post by 88b on Today at 11:59:06 AM »
I had the same with my 04 RG it turned out to be the injector itself
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