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General / Re: 2020 MODELS
« Last post by IronButt70 on Today at 05:45:03 AM »
Will see them this Saturday at 2020 model reveal. Want to see and test ride a PanAm.
General / 2020 MODELS
« Last post by tolobill on Today at 05:43:31 AM »
Hello, on the Harley Davidson website there showing the 2020 models is this correct, if so looks like no changes.
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: [TTS] Do I Understand EGR?
« Last post by jjdalynh on Today at 04:43:13 AM »
Thanks everyone for your input.

I have played around with the EGR Table numbers and the trough has now gone.

Bit more tweaking over the weekend should finalise the tables.
Feels so much better.

I’ll bring the timing back to 40 where it needs it.  Will be using 95 from here on.

so to try and answer your original question (as i've come to understand it, someone correct me if i've missed something), but the ecm needs to know how much oxygen is going into the engine to determine the correct amount of fuel to give for the commanded AFR.  it knows the oxygen content because it knows the %age given the MAP and IAT.  at low rpm and throttle openings due to engine characteristics (shared intake, odd firing of HD engines, can overlap, exhaust design) at some points the MAP reading is partially due to exhaust gasses.  exhaust gas has less oxygen in it and displaced some of the new air charge coming in.  because there is now less oxygen, some of the fuel for that cycle goes unburned.  your o2 sensor reading now shows that the system is rich at that point and so tells you to lower the VE for that cell.  technically, doing so will work and give right amount of fuel, but the problem is that the ecm has to fuzz the calculations for all the in-betweens.  if you've got a value that's way off of surrounding cells, the calculation gets less accurate and part throttle driveability suffers.  EGR allows for a smoother VE table which is the main calculator factor and EGR is applied to reduce fueling when the intake charge is contaminated. 

edit:  ugh, i reread this after only 2 hrs sleep last night and i'm just dead right now.  i may have confused the issue by reversing increase/decrease terms, but basically the egr says how much of the intake charge is displaced and this allows you to smooth the VE table making the calculation more accurate.    back to bed for me. 
EVO 1340 / Re: Ignition on a mild 80" Evo?
« Last post by Hillside Motorcycle on Today at 04:10:12 AM »
The OEM unit will work on a mild set-up, but it'll turn out the lights at 5200 rpms.
EVO 1340 / Re: S&S Jetting ?
« Last post by Hillside Motorcycle on Today at 04:08:51 AM »
.028 pilot, 68 main for starters.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: M8 Throttle
« Last post by lonegoosehonking on Today at 02:41:45 AM »
Ken , how do you set it one to one?
General / Re: cv 44 carb
« Last post by Evo160K on Yesterday at 09:29:45 PM »

If all else fails, try this RP 30 rubber adhesive,

It works great, I've used it for years and actually fabricated rubber parts with it, not to mention simple repairing of o-rings and such.  The repair will be the last area to fail.
EVO 1340 / Re: S&S Jetting ?
« Last post by choseneasy on Yesterday at 09:20:19 PM »
 I “think” 29.5 and 72 main was close on Evo’s.
  My memory is not what it used to be.... someone will correct me otherwise.
EVO 1340 / Re: S&S Jetting ?
« Last post by Burnout on Yesterday at 09:08:21 PM »
Start with the jets that are in it, it will tell you what it needs.
Twin Cam / Re: twin cam highflow cam plate and oil pump
« Last post by tdrglide on Yesterday at 08:19:09 PM »
Correction. Port openings were smaller/shorter on stock 09 support plate than the se high flow oil pump. Tred one of those axtel oil bypass spring setups. Did not help.
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